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Farmomnia Has Been Installed in GTÜ

Within the scope of university-industry cooperation, domestic production Intelligent Agricultural Automation Device was installed at Gebze Technical University (GTU) by Manakin. An important step for soilless agriculture everywhere in national and international standards was taken by realizing domestic production for the first time.

We are developing agricultural automation systems aiming to optimize the production on the purpose of environmental controls of greenhouses and indoor areas in order to increase agricultural efficiency, to obtain reliable products, to pave the way for agriculture in cities, to provide earliness, to prevent water waste, to eliminate the use of pesticides and to grow high-yield vegetables and medicinal aromatic plants in small areas all year round without being affected by environmental factors and through the Farmomnia smart agriculture automation device we have installed at this stage, the LED Supported Vertical Agriculture Laboratory (LAVFARM) located on the GTU campus will provide data such as pH, EC, temperature-humidity, water tank temperature, tank fullness of the plants to be grown. We can analyze and report.

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